Submitting a port

Congratulations! After weeks (months?) of hard work, LineageOS is running well on your device! If you’re interested in adding your device to LineageOS’ roster of officially supported devices, we ask that you meet some important prerequisites and then get in touch with our developer relations team.



Your device MUST meet the requirements of our charter - Presented in device support requirements.


Make sure you meet the following requirements:

Submitting your device

Send an email to The email should contain:

Please be patient once you’ve sent your email. It takes time to review your source code and vendor blobs. If changes are deemed necessary, you’ll receive notice and suggestions for improvement. It will be up to you to implement the changes before resubmitting your work for approval. Keep in mind that not all device port requests are accepted. Developer relations will do their best to inform you of the rationale for their decision, though.

Making your device official

The following steps are necessary to finally make your device an official one: