How to add a new device to the wiki

Requirements for adding a device

The LineageOS wiki provides instructions based on the assumption that your device has got its device tree/kernel under the LineageOS GitHub organization, and that it supports building LineageOS 20 or higher. If your device meets both those requirements, follow the instructions below to get your device set up.

Adding your device

Prepare the required files

There are a few files which need to be there to have a device on the wiki. In order to get them, navigate to $LINEAGE_SRC/lineage/wiki/ and run:

./scripts/ your_device

Obviously replace your_device with the codename of your device

Populating the YAML

The sample template has been copied to $LINEAGE_SRC/lineage/wiki/_data/devices/your_device.yml. Update the values to match your device. An explanation of some of the options is below.

Some of the properties allow specifying different values for multiple models being covered in the same file. In that case the format stays the same as for a single device, but is used in a Key-Value style like this:

- Model1: Value
- Model2: Value

An example using the battery property: Just one device:

battery: {removable: False, capacity: 1000, tech: 'Li-Ion'}

vs. two different models:

- Model1: {removable: False, capacity: 1000, tech: 'Li-Ion'}
- Model2: {removable: True, capacity: 2000, tech: 'Li-Po'}

The following list will mention Model-Value pairs where applicable.

List of properties

List of optional properties

There are some optional properties which you might not need, but in case you do, they are documented below:

Adding the device’s image

Find a reasonably high-quality image of your device, and add it to images/devices/<image.png>. You must ensure the following:

Then run

./scripts/ <image.png>

This will check the image against the maximum size and generate a smaller version of it in images/devices/small/<image.png>.

The smaller picture also needs to be committed!

Testing it works

Start the wiki on your local Jekyll server, and navigate to the devices list. Your device should be there. Click on it, and check that the info/install/build pages all seem correct.

Now run the validation:

bundle install
ruby ./test/validate.rb

If the script doesn’t give you an output, all the validated fields have a proper format. Otherwise, read the messages carefully to see which fields have to be corrected.

Submitting your device

After verifying the device-specific pages, commit and upload your changes to Gerrit, and add the “Wiki Editors” group as reviewers.