Update firmware on yellowstone

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Pre-Install Instructions

  1. Download TowelRoot from here.
    • Click the large lambda symbol to download the .apk file.
    • Install and run the .apk file to achieve root access.
  2. If you’re on Linux, proceed to step 3, if you’re on Windows, you’ll need to Install the NVidia APX drivers:
    • Download the newest NVidia APX drivers here
    • Hold the “Shift” key on the host machine and click the Windows Start Button, then click “Restart”
    • If you’re on Windows 10, choose “Troubleshoot”, “Advanced options”, “Startup Settings”, then click “Restart”
    • Next, push the “7” key on your keyboard, your PC will now boot like normal
    • Extract apxdriver.zip, right clisk “NvidiaUsb.inf” and choose “Install” from the context menu. It may prompt you to authenticate with Administrator credentials, please do so now.
  3. Download this firmware package.
  4. Extract yellowstone_pie_psci.zip in your Downloads directory.
  5. Now, prepare to run the flash script:
    • If you’re on Windows, open a PowerShell and run cd %HOMEPATH%\Downloads\yellowstone_pie_psci\yellowstone_pie_psci
    • If you’re on Linux, open a Terminal and run cd ~/Downloads/yellowstone_pie_psci
  6. Run adb shell su -c dd if=/dev/block/platform/sdhci-tegra.3/by-name/PES of=/sdcard/persist.img
  7. Run adb shell su -c dd if=/dev/block/platform/sdhci-tegra.3/by-name/PEK of=/sdcard/persistbk.img
  8. Run adb pull /sdcard/persist.img.
  9. Run adb pull /sdcard/persistbk.img.
  10. Run adb reboot bootloader.
  11. Use the volumte buttons to highlight “Forced Recovery”, and then click the power button to select it.
  12. Now, run the flash script:
    • If you’re on Windows, right-click flash.bat, and in the context menu, choose “Run as Administrator”
    • If you’re on Linux, run ./flash.sh
  13. Please follow the instructions found in step 2 here to re-enable ADB on the new installation before proceeding.